Their Darkest Hour


In this adventure module, players will be tasked with breaking the eternal torment of the thought bomb that ended the Seventh Battle of Ruusan between the Jedi and the Sith 1,000 years ago. Upon entering the site of the battle, they will be launched into the final hour prior to the thought bomb’s detonation. This is the recurring torture the power has ensnared all the force sensitive souls trapped in: having to relive the last hour of their life for eternity. The key difference between the players and the other lost souls trapped inside the bomb’s power, however, is that the players know they are inside and remember everything they experienced inside of it before their deaths. If the players can learn, through repeated experiences and deaths, how to stop Sith Lord Kaan from detonating the thought bomb, they will unravel its hold upon the souls trapped inside and be thrust back into the present. Their reward will depend on whether they lean towards the light or dark sides of the force. In either case, they will earn powerful artifacts, as well as some additional talent trees for force sensitive characters as the soul of a powerful jedi or sith lord offers to train them in the ways of the force as his acolytes.

A Note About When To Run This Module

This adventure is intended to kick off a new set of adventures with mid-high XP characters, and would need to be tweaked for it to be possible for low XP characters to complete it. The main intent is to get some force and destiny powers into the hands of force users with 2 force rating in an Edge/AoR campaign, and push the campaign in a new, epic direction.

A Desperate Plea

As the characters enter a bar or other hangout area of ill-repute, read the following text aloud:

“Awe, come on! Seriously? We’re talking a major discovery here!” A drall scrambles towards the edge of his booth as a group of spacers leave it, shaking their heads. He frustratedly slams a furry fist on the table, cursing under his breathe, then draining a swig from his glass. When he spots you, his eyes light up. “Why hello there! Would you fine…um.. folks be interested in a treasure hunt?” He wrings his fingers together nervously, flashing a forced smile that tells you he has tried this a few times already. “I’m sorry… I-I’m Gorbo. If you’ll sit with me and listen, I promise it will be worth your time! What do you say? I’ll buy you a round for your trouble.”

Assuming the PCs decide to hear him out, he goes on:

In a low and whispered voice, the Drall spins his story: "Look, we all know that the empire and the rebellion are at each other’s throats. But what if I told you that this was just another clash in a battle that has been taking place for literally thousands of years? That’s right. There are ancient and warring religions that bear a striking resemblance to what we are seeing: The Sith, and The Jedi. Both mastered the way of what some call “The Force”, using it to do great magics and warring over which practiced using it correctly. The Emperor wants everyone to forget about this, wants to purge it from our collective memories, and he’s been quite successful! But not with me, I know the truth!" The drall proudly shakes his fist. “This is just a continuation of the ancient wars between the Sith and the Jedi. The Emperor himself must be one, and you can’t tell me there aren’t powerful force users running the rebellion, too! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but that only proves the Emperor’s plan is working.”

The Drall pauses a moment to collect himself and swigs from his glass again.

“Now listen, I know a place where there should be evidence of this conflict, evidence that the Sith and Jedi existed and have been at war for millenia. All I need is for you to take me there and help me find it. Who knows what treasures we’ll find? I promise, you can keep anything of value to you, I just want confirmation of their history to spread across the holonet, order 66 be damned. THEN we’ll see who the nut job is!” He glowers and scowls at the group of spacers who had just left his table, then turns his gaze back to the group. “So, what do you think? We could leave right away”

If pressed, he admits the planet he has in mind is Ruusan, the site of what he believes to be a great battle between the Sith and Jedi. It has since been scrubbed from all astrogation charts, but he believes he knows the coordinates to reach it. He can offer no real monetary reward, instead insisting that both religions used powerful and rare items that could end up being worth quite a bit of money to the right buyer. Gorbo is a wild-eyed but hyper intelligent conspiracy theorist, with a large imperial bounty on his head for spreading the information he is giving to the PCs. Little does he know that this particular conspiracy of his is frighteningly close to reality.


Br: 1 Ag: 1 Int: 5 Cun: 2 Will: 2 Pr: 2
Soak: 1
WT: 9
ST: 15
Defense: 0/0
Skills: Computers 4, Deception 2, Discipline 2, Mechanics 2, Medicine 3, Negotiation 1, Knowledge (all) 2
Talents: Resolve (-1 involuntary strain damage), Confidence (decrease fear difficulty)
Holdout Blaster (Ranged-light): Damage: 5; Critical: 3; Range [Short]; Stun Setting
Datapad heavily encrypted with conspiracy theories (difficulty to crack is equal to Gorbo’s computers skill)

Gorbo’s Ship – The Beacon

JM-5000 Jumpmaster Long Range Scout (FH 256)

Sil 4, Speed 4, Handling +1
Defense 1 – - 0
Armor 2
HT 14
ST 8

Path to Ruusan

Gorbo provides hyperspace coordinates, but being off the beaten path makes this check Astrogation with . Failure sends the PCs directly into the wreckage of ancient ships surrounding the planet, forcing a piloting (space) check to avoid a direct collision. Once clear of the debris, read the following aloud:

“Whoa” the Drall groans over the comms. “I think we’re in the right place. Follow me.” The small crescent shaped spacecraft zips in front of your ship, making towards the planet in a hurry.

Assuming the PCs follow…

“Amazing” the Drall mulls over the comlink, as your ship passes over the wreckage of what was clearly a great battle, long overgrown by jungle. As you pass over, the ship’s sensors begin to malfunction. “Massive interference here. Let’s set down nearby and figure this out.” Gorbo chirps, an air of excitement in his voice. He puts down in a large clearing near the battlefield. The area is dense with jungle and dark with the pitch black of night.

As the PCs exit their ship, the foreboding jungle presses in on them. Any force users in the party experience flashes of pain, hatred, and screaming. All incomprehensible but deeply disturbing. Normal PCs make an fear check, while force users make a fear check.

When the PCs have composed themselves, they find Gorbo outside of his ship, having already hauled out some sort of computer on a dolly and hooked it up outside of the ship.

“This is incredible! The energy readings are off the charts! I don’t know what’s in there, but it’s something!” The drall smacks his lips as he peers into the ancient battlefield buried in the jungles in front of the party.

The energy readings are coming from a large barrier of force energy surrounding the battlefield. Should the PCs attempt to touch it in any way, it deals 20 strain damage and sends them flying backwards. If they throw something at it, the force vaporizes it instantly. Any noise also draws a group of Sith Hounds (one per PC) to the group:

Sith Hound

Br: 3 Ag: 4 Int: 4 Cun: 3 Will: 1 Pr: 1
Soak: 3
WT: 20
Defense: 0/0
Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Cool 2, Stealth 2, Vigilance 3
Fierce Pounce (gains knockdown on the next attack if it aims)
Claws – Brawl, Dam 5, Crit 4
Bite – Brawl, Dam 7, Crit 3, Ensnare 1, Pierce 1

After they investigate the field around the area, Gorbo will eventually come to a realization:

“I think I have something here. There is an enormous field of energy surrounding this area. I’ve got no idea what put it here, but it appears to pulse at regular intervals. I’m not certain, but I think if we send something through at light speed when the force is at its lowest, they would be able to penetrate it without… you know… exploding. I think I could program my ship to do it, if you’re willing to try. Best case, you get into this ancient battleground and recover evidence, then we figure out how to get you back out.

If asked about the worst case, Gorbo readily admits it is blasting into the mountains on the other side of the area, but assures them this will not happen, as he knows precisely how to set up such a jump. If the PCs are wary of leaving Gorbo behind with all of their possessions and want to take him with them, he will protest as much as possible, even going so far as to allow the PCs to restrain him in some way or take what little he has in weaponry. If they still don’t agree, they can certainly force him, though Gorbo is very cowardly when faced with danger. See specifics farther below for how to play out Gorbo in this adventure if he comes along.

As soon as the PCs hit light speed read the following:

As you reach light speed, the world goes white and the ship surrounding you disappears. A light-skinned human man with well-groomed facial hair and burning red eyes stands in front of you. Garbed in black, his left hand covered by a reflective black gauntlet, a yellow gem glowing on the back of the palm. He turns to face you, a puzzled look on his furrowed brow. “What is this…” he rasps, as your surroundings snap back into your ship, trees shrouding your view as the ship smashes into one and sends you careening out of the forest, smashing into the ground below. Smoke pours from the controls as the cockpit pops open.

It is… daytime now, and the thick jungle is behind you with nothing but open field until the cliffside, unlike a moment ago. As you look to the sky, ships skitter back and forth, firing at one another in a dogfight that clearly continues past the planet’s atmosphere, with large capital ships of unknown origin firing on one another. As your gaze returns to the field in front of you, you notice a group of blue-garbed soldiers with blaster rifles running in formation. Distracted by your crash, many of them look back at you just as a black speeder launches towards them, a black garbed figure leaping into the air off the speeder, a blaze of red energy appearing from his hand as he lands, and begins to cut a swathe through the soldiers, wielding the red energy beam like a sword. Rending some in half, cutting limbs that fly into the air, their exposed flesh burnt and smoking, the figure in black screams in triumph. Before his victory is complete, however, two robed figures in the back of the formation wade toward him, green and blue shafts of light appearing in their hands. Blasts of sparks emit from the beams as they cross with the red blade of the dark figure, soon cutting him down.

As the scene before you unfolds, your eyes struggling to adjust to the change in light, several large blaster rifles level into the cockpit and two robed figures stand behind the troopers with guns. “Identify yourselves!” barks the Quarren on the left, narrowing his gaze at your group as his human compatriot eyes you suspiciously.

The robed figures, of course, are Jedi Knights of the Army of Light. Further information on this initial encounter can be found in the main section on the battlefield.

Time Looping

This adventure takes place in a one hour loop, resetting each time the PCs die, or the thought bomb detonates at the end of the hour, until the PCs can stop that from happening. Each time the PCs reset, they have exactly what they had when they first launched into hyperspace. With regards to all checks, results stay between loops (both failure and success) unless the PCs can substantively change the circumstances of the check. “Substantial” in this case is anything that would change the dice involved in the check. For instance, armed with advanced knowledge, if the PCs find a way to approach a situation such that boost die is appropriate, they would be allowed to re-do a failed check. This should prevent tons of re-rolling, and any ‘gaming’ of the system on the part of the PCs.

In addition, any ‘once per session’ abilities that involve the PCs’ mental state (such as talents to re-roll checks) remain once per session as the PCs minds stay active across time loops. However, any ‘once per session’ abilities that involve the use of the PCs bodies, such as the mechanics for using stim-packs, do reset with each loop as the PCs bodies are reversed to their original states.

Finally, between each loop Lord Kaan will appear to the PCs in the white space. After their first brush with him, he realizes what is happening: that his magic has been invaded and there is an opportunity to finally end it. Use him as an opportunity to lead the PCs to locations they’ve yet to visit, or as comic relief as he quickly grows impatient and angry at their repeated failures. In addition, if Gorbo has accompanied the PCs into the loop, he requires leadership checks to get him to do as the PCs wish. Failure means Gorbo will attempt to put himself in as little danger as possible, whether this is by hiding, finding an ally to assist that he believes can keep him safe, or simply trying to figure out how to get out of the loop on his own. Add to these leadership checks each time Gorbo dies, as he slowly unravels from his brushes with death.

The Battlefield

The following is a map of the battlefield, as well as location descriptions for the various areas and references to events that unfold here. Further event info can be found in “The Final Hour” section.


The Final Hour

There are many events that will occur over the space of the hour that the PCs are involved in the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, culminating with the explosion of Lord Kaan’s Thought Bomb. The following is a rough outline of what will occur if the PCs were to do nothing:

  • 0:00 PCs escorted to Hoth, battle at Sith Compound begins
  • 0:10 Hoth leaves to prepare walker
  • 0:15 Field Prison breaks
  • 0:20 Farfalla arrives
  • 0:30 Jedi take compound, Hoth takes off towards cave system
  • 0:35 Farfallya leaves compound to head for cave system
  • 0:45 Hoth/Farfalla arrive at cave system
  • 0:50 Battle outside cave system begins
  • 1:00 Thought Bomb detonates

The first time the thought bomb detonates, read the following aloud:

The ground begins to rumble, and an explosion rocks your eardrums. As you look towards the source of the noise, you see the mountains explode like glass, fragments of stone spiraling into the air as starfighters try to tumble through them, many exploding as they make impact. An enormous ball of black energy expands out from the mountains, increasing in speed faster than you can react. As fast as you take in the sight it is on top of you, the roiling black energy smashing you backwards, flaying the skin from your bones and turning your bones to ash as the world around you disappears. All of you… are dead.

(Allow a moment for stunned silence, your players are likely very much not expecting this. Try to keep a straight face.)

And in the blank space of death, all goes white. In the white space, the darkened figure appears again, the crystal in his gauntlet glowing as he clenches his fist. “You are going to have to try a lot harder than that…” he scowls. And then you wake up.

(Pause another moment)

A group of blue-garbed soldiers with blaster rifles run in formation as you sit in the cockpit of Gorbo’s ship. They look back at you just as a black speeder launches towards them, a black garbed figure leaping into the air off the speeder, a blaze of red energy appearing from his hand as he lands. He cuts them down, screaming in triumph. Two robed figures in the back of the formation wade toward him, green and blue shafts of light appearing in their hands as they approach and cut him down.

Several large blaster rifles level into the cockpit and two familiar robed figures stand behind the troopers with guns. “Identify yourselves!”

The following is a list of locations, as well as the events that occur at each and when they occur in much greater detail.

The Force Bubble

Any attempts to leave the area detailed in the map result in massive amounts of force damage. Ships hitting the barrier suffer a major collision, and take 1 system strain. PCs who hit the barrier suffer 10 strain and are knocked backwards, prone. Force sensitives can feel a powerful invisible force surrounding them, while the rest of the group merely sees the rest of Ruusan as it was during the battle in 1,000 BBY.

The Beacon

The time loop always begins with the PCs being held up by Army of Light forces. The two Jedi Knights are a Quarren named Vikurl and a dark-skinned Human Male named Dash Tilles. They are gruff with the PCs, who take in social checks against them as they just crash-landed a foreign ship in the middle of this battlefield. Unless the PCs can come up with a reason to dissuade them (likely not possible on their first loop), the Jedi insist on detaining the PCs. They are part of a detachment of 20 minion republic soldiers, 2 sergeants, and themselves. After they take the weapons off the PCs and put them in cuffs ( coordination or skullduggery to get out of), half the group plus Vikurl take the PCs to Lord Hoth in the command ship while the rest proceed to the battle at the Sith Compound. They will answer basic questions about who they are, but will almost surely accuse the PCs of being “sith scum” if they can’t properly explain what they are doing there.

Western Front – Army of Light Forces

There are three large dropships that dominate the side of the battlefield from which the Army of Light marches. From north to south, they are:

Field Prison/Command Center

When the PCs are first brought here, read the following aloud:

A large and imposing human man stands behind a desk, bashing his fist on his terminal. “Damnit Farfalla, hurry! Our army is outmatched at the compound! I’ll take the last Manka Walker and the few men that remain and try to stem the bleeding, but we won’t win without more Jedi!” A blue-tinged hologram above the terminal stands calmly as it addresses him. “Yes, Lord Hoth. The Sith have made an attack on our fleet, and we are preparing to maneuver our Jedi through the blockade while the rest of the fleet grants us some breathing room. If all goes well we shall be there shortly.”

The large man nods. “Good. May the force be with you.” He presses a button and the hologram disappears as he moves his gaze to you. “Vikurl, what is the meaning of this? You’re supposed to be moving on the Sith compound with the rest of our forces!”

The Quarren bristles, but explains. “Lord Hoth, we found these interlopers out on the field. They crash landed in a strange ship, neither of Republic nor Sith origin, as far as I could tell. We had no idea who they were, and I thought it best to bring them straight to you.”

A puzzled look crosses Hoth’s face as he moves past Vikurl to address your group directly. “You certainly don’t appear to be Republic forces, and you don’t seem to be Sith either. Just who the hell are you?”

This dropship has been retrofitted by Lord Hoth into a field prison and command center. On the wall is a large scale map of the area, once the PCs visit this location they gain access to the map. If the PCs make it here while Hoth is present, he questions them incessantly about their motives. If force sensitives are in the group, they gain to social with him if light side, or if dark side. After a brief questioning, unless he is given compelling information to pique his interest, he will tire of the PCs and put them in a cell to deal with them later.

The cell next to the one the PCs would be put in holds a female Zabrakian Sith Acolyte named Glixaria. Apprentice to Dark Lord Kopecz, Glixaria was captured by the Jedi in a skirmish earlier in the day. She is anxious to rejoin the fight and angry that she’s trapped in here. She will escape given the slightest opportunity. Her lightsaber is stored in a locker near the back of the ship, next to where Vikurl places all the PC’s gear.

At 0:10, Lord Hoth has a premonition of the thought bomb as he and Vikurl prepare to leave:

As Lord Hoth and Vikurl shout into static-heavy comlinks, Lord Hoth gasps quietly, his eyes wide, clicking off his com for a moment. "Vikurl… " he looks behind him towards the Sith woman. “We must leave at once. We’ll continue to gather our forces while preparing the walker, there is no time. Come.”

At this, the Jedi leave, demanding the troopers come with them and leaving the ship unguarded, paying no heed to the prisoners any longer. He heads to the Armory Jumpship to prepare his forces in the Manka Walker. At 0:15, a Sith fighter strikes the back end of the jumpship with a missile, blowing a hole in it wide enough for anyone in the cells to escape, and knocking the locker with the prisoner’s gear open. Glixaria wastes no time in jumping out of her cell, grabbing her lightsaber, and rushing out the back to rejoin the battle. If uninterrupted, she will force move a trooper off a speeder a few minutes walk from the jumpship towards the cave, and join the battle at the Sith Compound around 0:20.

If the PCs manage to hack Lord Hoth’s command terminal with an computers check, they find enough information on the backgrounds, orders, motivations, etc of each Jedi Lord and Jedi Knight present in this module to add to any checks to convince them of the PCs time looping powers, or to convince them that they know the PCs already.

Heavy Carrier

A gigantic, hill-sized cargo ship looms in the middle of the landing force, a huge open bay door showing rows of empty speeder bike and other vehicle bays. Towards the back, a lone but giant walker sits with legs curled underneath it.

If the PCs arrive prior to 0:15, nothing much is happening here. The only available vehicle is the Manka Walker, a giant APC vehicle. Inside are several swoops equipped with forward facing blasters, hooked onto coiled rope and meant to be actively deployed onto a battlefield as the walker moves.

At 0:15, Lord Hoth gathers a force of 10 Troopers, 2 Sergeants, and 1-2 Jedi Knights (Vikurl, plus Yovie if she’s been saved before takeoff), as well as two pilots. If a pilot stat profile is needed, use Edge Core 396 Pilot for Hire. It takes them 15 minutes to power up the walker, gather the troops on board with all the gear they need, and get moving around 0:30. If unhindered by the PCs, they will slowly plod the walker directly towards the cave system, ignoring the battle near the Sith Compound. They will arrive at the cave system around 0:45 to engage the Sith forces defending it.

PCs wishing to commandeer the walker or assist Hoth in powering it up faster can improve the time to 5 minutes with an mechanics check. It takes walking time to cross the field in this vehicle, as it has a very slow maximum speed.


Any Army of Light weapons other than lightsabers that the PCs want access to exist here, as well as a missile launcher (Dam 20, Crit 2, Range: Extreme, Encum 7, Blast 10, Cumbersome 3, Guided 3, Breach 1, Prepare 1, Limited Ammo 2). The armory has been mostly picked dry but there should be one or two of just about anything in good condition for the taking, and it is totally unguarded since almost all Army of Light forces are otherwise occupied.

Field Repair Bay

Broken speeders and walkers litter what appears to be a very disorganized field repair bay. A starfighter with the symbol of the Old Galactic Republic sits half-dismantled and hung from the ceiling. No one is present, save a lone Mon Calimari cursing from the other end of the ship, as he kicks a pristine looking walker unit unlike the rest of the damaged walkers around the ship. “Damnit! Work! The Army of Light needs you, you blasted bucket of bolts!”

The mechanic is named Pashne, and uses the Accomplished Mechanic profile from FaD 411 if needed. He has been trying to build a new, experimental walker unit, convinced it could turn the tide against the Sith. The only problem now is that the thing requires too much power, and every battery he tries shorts it out, including the one he just salvaged from the starfighter and installed. It had been too damaged in a crash. If the PCs can pull a battery from any walker unit, including the Manka, it can be retrofitted to power the machine, and the PCs gain access to the Firewalker.


There is enough room for a pilot, copilot, turret gunner, and a few additional passengers.

Field Hospital

A large jumpship sits on the farthest south-western side of the battlefield, near the forest. A large white and red cross has been hastily scrawled over the doors, and men and women of various races scramble in and out of the facility, some carrying wounded troopers on stretchers.

Inside the field hospital are a bevy of wounded troopers and poorly trained medics and medical droids (use EotE Core 398 [medicine instead of mechanics] and 411). Several of the latter surround a bed in the center of the ship, where Bothan Jedi Knight Yovie Belsaga lays injured and dying. She can be healed by a hard Medicine check, which the medics and droids are likely unable to pass. The initial injury is too severe to be treated with stimpacks, although additional health can be given to her in the form of stimpacks once she has been treated. If the PCs help treat her successfully, she is extremely grateful, promising to seek them out once the battle is over. If unhindered by the PCs past this point, she will grab a lightsaber and head to meet Lord Hoth. If healed prior to 0:30 she will join Lord Hoth in the Manka Walker, otherwise she will start walking until she stumbles across a battered speeder and takes off after the walker.

Of note in the field hospital is a locker with several stimpacks in it, as well as Yovie’s lightsaber near her bed prior to her being healed. If the PCs can think of something that would reasonably be in a hospital, they can flip a light side destiny point to find it here. It will then persist in all future loops.

The Great Span

Crossing the battlefield is treacherous. When crossing the battlefield on foot, PCs take 15-20 minutes depending on the angle they are trying to cross at. Use the map for reference and rule as appropriate. The PCs can cut that time by 5 minutes if they pass an average athletics check. Crossing in a vehicle requires a piloting check, the difficulty of which is determined by the speed of the vehicle (assuming the PCs are punching it), and the vehicle’s silhouette/2. The higher determines the difficulty, the smaller the number of upgrades. Always add to piloting checks to cross the fields. The difficulty is represented by the strewn wreckage of days of battle, the scattered remains of broken walkers and soldiers littered everywhere. If the roll generates or use the following table:

There are two major landmarks in the fields: The Beacon, and a pair of snubfighters (one Sith, one Army of Light) that have recently crashed near the south-eastern corner of the map. Smoking and broken, the ships are beyond repair but hold detailed maps of the area. The Sith fighter in particular can be hacked into with 10 minutes of effort on a computers check, and provides more detailed information on the Sith Compound, including information on a hidden entrance into the cave system inside the mountains that is located near the armory, and enough information on the defenses to reduce the difficulty of sneaking into the compound twice, and the difficulty of sneaking while inside the compound once. Hacking the army of light fighter reveals basic details on the purposes of all the dropships on the western side of the map. If the PCs search the ship for a battery for the firewalker, they find that the Army of Light fighter’s battery is undamaged and easy to remove.

The Battle For the Compound

A large, walled compound looms in the distance against the mountains. Before the enormous gate, a battle rages. Thousands of troops mill about, firing blasters in every direction, some wielding blades of light and moving with unnatural quickness. Giant walker units on six legs slowly plod towards the gates as more troopers repel out of their bellies, some lowering themselves on swoops that proceed to carve across the field. Large two-legged walker units move to defend the base as well as to defend it, and large gun emplacements on the walls fire down on the attackers. The smell of death is thick on the air, fresh bodies littering the ground even quite far from the compound as you approach.

For the first thirty minutes of the loop, a large-scale battle takes place as the Army of Light makes a direct assault on the Sith compound. Several Manka Walkers, swoops, about a dozen Jedi Padawans, and hundreds of republic troopers take place in the battle on the Light side, alongside Jedi Knight Dash Tilles if the PCs did not waylay him in some way earlier. On the side of the Sith are similar forces, except with gun emplacements rather than walkers, and with Sith Lord Kopecz leading their forces. If Glixaria escaped and fled the PCs, she joins the fight beside her master at 0:20. Similarly if the PCs healed Yovie, she joins the fight about 10 minutes after leaving the field hospital.

If the PCs choose to engage in the battle against the Sith, Army of Light forces don’t question their involvement until after the battle, as they are outmatched. The PCs will fight three waves of forces as they push their way up the battlefield to the compound, with each fight and progress to the next taking roughly 5 minutes, or 10 minutes if combat lasted longer than 5 rounds.

Wave One – Outskirts Skirmishes

*Sith: 5 Troopers – 1 Sergeant
*Light: 2 Troopers, losing a fight

Nothing special about this wave. This should take place as the PCs are approaching the main battle, just wading into a small skirmish on the outlying battlefield. Completing this should be simple, even on foot. The Sith are winning their fight when the PCs arrive, and focus their attention entirely on them.

Wave Two – The Thick of Battle

*Sith: 10 Troopers – 2 Sergeants (grouped 5/1) – 2 Cultists – 1 Sith Walker
*Light: 5 Troopers – 1 Sergeant w/ Missile Launcher – 1 Padawan

This wave is where they hit the meat of the battle, with walkers everywhere, gun emplacements firing into their ranks, and snubfighters doing strafing runs on enemy and allied walkers. In the first round, a sergeant on each side will ready a rocket launcher and prepare to fire. On the second, they will fire using the profile of the Missile Launchers found in each side’s armory. If the PCs have brought a vehicle to the fight (this fight is unlikely to last long without one), add two gun emplacement enemies to the Sith side. Unless the PCs have taken pains to put themselves near the landing ship at 0:20, Sith troops should disproportionately target the PCs as they have the Army of Light outgunned on other parts of the battlefield.

In addition, there are several things that will mess with the PCs attempting to use a vehicle. In the second round of combat, an enemy force user manages to clamber under the PCs vehicle and gut it’s circuitry with his/her lightsaber, rendering it immobile. If he is not dealt with, he jumps from weapon to weapon on the vehicle in the following rounds, disabling them. At the end of the third round, a snubfighter pulls around on their vehicle and fires a missile at it, rolling using the Concussion Missile Launcher profile from the EotE CRB pg 230: Damage 6, Crit 3; Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3.

For ease of combat tracking, have all trooper groups and all sergeants use the same initiative slot and act at the same time. Record all results and play them out the same way in future loops, unless the PCs have a way to change some of the results in a meaningful way.

This combat is intended to be very difficult to complete without several restarts and the PCs coming back to address the combat perfectly. Kaan should grow impatient with them as they fail, use him for comedic effect or to provide hints if they really aren’t getting it. They are quite badly outgunned and luck is not with them, so they must use their time looping abilities as well as the Firewalker if they are to have a good chance to survive and finish the fight! Make sure to change up some details about how exactly the vehicle is destroyed if they attempt to do the combat at different time marks. It isn’t necessarily that things happen in precisely the same way each time, but that their fate is sealed if they don’t take pains to go about something differently.

Wave Three – At The Gates
  • Sith: 10 Troopers – 2 Sergeants (grouped 5/1) – Dark Lord Kopecz & Glixaria (if escaped)
  • Light: 5 Troopers – 1 Sergeant – Jedi Knight Dash Tellar. If past 0:20, also Lord Farfalla and Knight Mrssk

If the PCs have a vehicle when they approach the gate, Dark Lord Kopecz leaps from a seemingly impossibly far part of the battlefield, force lightning crackling from his fingers as he latches onto the vehicle and fries it’s systems, reducing it to zero system strain and dealing 5 unmitigated strain damage to all characters still inside. At this point, he leaps out in front of the vehicle to rejoin the thick of the battle.

If the PCs wish to defeat the Sith, and Lord Farfalla has joined in the battle, the tide has fully turned against the Sith forces and battle isn’t truly necessary. Feel free to simply narrate the battle quickly and move to the next section “Turning the Tide”.

If the PCs decided to fight through this battle against the forces of light, 3 Padawans jump to the aid of Lord Farfalla in this wave against the PCs. An enormous quantity of conflict should be generated if the PCs kill Jedi. Lord Kopecz will be extremely skeptical of the PCs, as the Sith have likely had little interaction with the group up until now. Proper roleplaying will be needed to stop him from killing them anyway, as he has entered quite the battle lust.

Tracking this many characters in combat would be very onerous, so group all troopers into one initiative slot, all sergeants into another, reducing the total slots to between 4 and 8 plus the PCs, depending on how many characters are present. Also, if the PCs ever reduce Dark Lord Kopecz to 0 wounds with Farfalla present, instead reduce him to 1 wound and end the battle on Lord Farfalla’s next turn, reading aloud from their conversation located in the following section.

Lord Farfalla’s Arrival – Turning the Tide

At around 0:20, Jedi Lord Farfalla, who had broken through the Sith blockade around the start of the loop, finally lands near the compound. Himself, alongside Trandoshan Jedi Knight Mrssk and a hundred Jedi Padawans storm the battlefield, turning the battle decisively against the sith forces.

Even without the PCs help, the battle is over at 0:30 and the Army of Light has soundly defeated the Sith, as troopers climb the walls and destroy gun emplacements, many others pouring into the compound to eliminate remaining resistance. Without any interference, a battle between Lords Farfalla and Kopecz comes to a close at this time as well, outside the main gate. Soldiers give the force users a wide berth, and at the conclusion of the battle Farfalla mortally wounds Kopecz. Kopecz knows he is dead, he knows they are all dead. He had fled the creation of the thought bomb, knowing it was a doomed plan and preferring to die in battle. He simply wishes to die a warrior’s death, and bids Farfalla the following, loudly enough for anyone nearby to hear:

“Promise me death, Farfalla, and receive a warning in return.”
“You wish death, Dark Lord? Just say so!”
“Death is an old friend. What Kaan plans for all of us is worse!”
“What madness is Kaan planning?!”
“Kaan believes we are strong enough to resist. He hopes only the Jedi will be destroyed, but he is insane! He’s going to kill everyone!”

With that, Farfalla’s brow furrows and he flicks his lightsaber back on.

“We shall see about that, Kopecz. Thank you. Now, on your feet!”

Kopecz’s red lightsaber flares to life and leaps at Farfalla with a terrifying scream, clashing just a few times before the Lord of light is able to send his lightsaber through the Dark Lord’s chest. Kopecz falls to the side, and Farfalla yells to his troops. “Men! Clear the compound! Sergeant, find out where Lord Hoth is! He must be warned!”

Farfalla will spend a few more minutes at the compound, helping to clear it out and working with the sergeants to find out the whereabouts of Lord Hoth. Once he learns that he is headed for the mouth of the cave, Farfalla gathers half the padawans he brought with him and makes for the cave on foot, reaching it at 0:45.

After the battle, the battlefield is simply strewn with dead bodies. If the PCs wish to equip themselves with anything wielded by anyone involved, it would be easy to do so and take no more than a few minutes of searching the bodies for an undamaged piece of equipment.

Sith Compound

The first time the players enter the compound, read aloud the following:

Alarms blare as troopers move about everywhere. On the southern side of the base sits a gigantic Sith walker, clearly designed to hold dozens of troopers, curled up with its six legs underneath it. In the center of the compound is what appears to be a command center, though with no guard outside the main doors. Near the back of the complex is the only building you can see that still has a guard maintained during the attack, with all other troops rushing around the compound to support its defense.

During the first thirty minutes of the loop, alarms blare and troops rush from all corners of the compound to join in the fight. There are a few locations within the compound that are of interest. Moving between locations uninterrupted requires a successful average stealth check. Entering the complex during the battle undetected also requires the PCs to pass a check, upgraded once to . On a failure, a group of three troopers spots the PCs and engages, bringing three more per round until there are no enemies remaining. If the PCs cannot put them down fast enough, they will start adding waves of 5 troops and a sergeant at wave 3, and a cultist shows up with each wave starting at wave 5, until the PCs prevail or run. If is rolled on the stealth check, begin at wave 3 instead.

If any of this happens after 0:30, add approximately half as many republic forces to the battle on the side of the PCs on each round after the first as the army begins to wipe out the stragglers. These troopers will arrest the PCs after the battle for questioning unless they’ve found a way to make their presence plausible. If the PCs attempt to join in the fight for the compound from inside the compound, they should encounter massive and likely fatal resistance unless they’ve taken great pains to appear as if they are Sith as well. If the PCs enter the compound after 0:45, the republic forces have taken the compound completely and all Sith of note inside are dead.

Command Center

The Command Center is staffed by about a dozen troopers, two sergeants, and two Sith Acolytes: a Rodian male named Chulo and a Human Male named Lon. If the PCs have not snuck in, the command center engages them in battle immediately. If they have, one of two things happens. Prior to 0:20, Dark Lord Kopecz is telling his acolytes of the thought bomb, arguing with Lon about what to do, with Chulo on his side. When he senses Farfalla’s presence, he leaves in frustration to fight the Jedi. After 0:20 and until the takeover of the compound, the PCs overhear an argument between Chulo and Lon:

A Rodian, dressed in black with a lightsaber on his hip, is screaming in a panic at a human dressed the same.

“Lon, this plan is psychotic! He’s going to get us all killed! We have to stop him!”
“Have faith in Lord Kaan, Chulo. He believes we are strong enough to survive. I agree”
“Then face certain death yourself! I’m getting the hell out of here!” The Rodian turns to leave.
“Men! Arrest Acolyte Chulo!”

With this, the two draw lightsabers and begin to duel. Without anything to intervene, they will kill each other five rounds of combat or five minutes later. If the PCs make a computers check in this facility, they uncover the location of the hidden cave entrance, as well as audio logs of conversations between Kaan and other dark lords about their plan to set off the thought bomb.

“I ask that you join me in one last task: the creation of a weapon so powerful that when it is detonated, the victors shall become the vanquished and be swept from the pages of history.”

The log disappears into garbled yelling past this point.

Finally, the computers in the command center contain enough information on the backgrounds, orders, motivations, etc of each Sith Lord and Sith Acolyte to add to any checks to convince them of the PCs time looping powers or to convince them that they know the PCs already.


Any Sith weapons other than lightsabers that the PCs want access to exist here, as well as a missile launcher (Dam 20, Crit 2, Range: Extreme, Encum 7, Blast 10, Cumbersome 3, Guided 3, Breach 1, Prepare 1, Limited Ammo 6). Prior to 0:25 the facility is still guarded by a skeleton crew, and another stealth check is required to find a way inside. If that fails, see the rules above for starting combat in the compound.

Sith Behemoth & Walkers

A gigantic battle station the size of an AT-AT with six legs sits near the wall of the compound, its legs folded and unused. It can be fired up with 5 minutes of time, or five rounds of combat if the PCs are under duress. Firing up the behemoth will raise the suspicions of any Sith nearby who will immediately assume sabotage (the behemoth is an attack unit, not designed for defense) unless given a compelling reason not to. Follow rules for being caught during stealth. It can carry as many as a hundred troops. In addition, there are two open-cockpit Sith walkers un-manned nearby that are in working order. Using one while not appearing Sith also raises an alarm.

Hidden Cave System Entrance

Behind the armory, hidden in the cliffside, is a small man-sized hole deep into the mountains, that joins with the cave system in which the thought bomb has been created. After a few twists and turns, the cave opens up into a large room. Read the following aloud:

On the other side of a large cavern room, looms a beetle the size of a bantha covered in segmented chitin plates. It’s eight legs bristle, and the huge razor-sharp mandibles of its jaw clack and ooze a green fluid as it turns to face you.

Crossing the room takes three maneuvers, and unlocking the door at the other end takes a mechanics or skullduggery check, which takes an action if in combat. After the PCs defeat or run from the SIlooth, it takes about five more minutes of walking to reach Lord Kaan’s cave chamber. Reduce this to virtually no time if the PCs pass an athletics check to run through the cave system.

The Cave Entrance

Starting at 0:45, unless otherwise changed by the PCs, the forces of Lord Hoth in the Manka Walker arrive just as Lord Farfalla and his jedi forces do. It is then that Farfalla warns Hoth of the impending doom:

“Lord Hoth! We must do something quickly, for Lord Kaan plans to use a terrible weapon against us!”

“I know, Farfalla. I have foreseen it, and I have foreseen that it is I who must attempt to stop him. You gather as many as you can and go, get them off the planet. In the event that I fail, you will need to finish the Sith forces.”

Farfalla nods somberly, taking a deep breathe.

“Yes, sir. May the Force be with you.”

The two men break from each other, Farfalla summoning most troops to come with him, while Jedi Knight Vikurl and a detachment of troopers, sergeants and padawans refuse to leave him, joining Lord Hoth and marching into battle. They are met by a large force of Sith charging from the entrance to a cave system, in which any force user can sense a huge presence of dark side energy.

This battle, if the PCs do not interfere, continues until the thought bomb goes off with both forces locked in a stalemate. The only way to gain the assistance of any force users involved in the fight in diffusing the thought bomb is for the PCs to interfere.

This battle is also be fought in waves. It consists of 100 troopers from each army, as well as a dozen cultists/padawans and the appropriate higher level force users. Slot the troopers and cultists/padawans into their own initiative slot, bringing ten troopers and two cultists/padawans (depending on which side the PCs are fighting against) into the battle every time the last set of troopers or cultists/padawans is killed off. After the first wave of troopers/padawans is eliminated, the following wave has three more cultists/padawans. After the second wave, the Lords and Knights/Acolytes of the opposing faction join the fray. If the PCs are in real trouble, have an ally or two from the side they are fighting for join the battle as well. The battle takes approximately one minute for each round of combat.

  • Light Forces: Lord Hoth, Knight Vikurl, Knight Yovie (if healed)
  • Sith Forces: Lord Githany, Acolyte Darovit

If the PCs attempt to sway Lord Farfalla to stay and fight, they must pass an appropriate social check, likely vs his discipline, to convince him that Lord Hoth’s orders are not good ones to follow. Add boost judiciously for good roleplaying. If he stays, so do the other Army of Light force users. If they join in the fight, it is a crushing and quick (5 minutes at most) victory.

The Cave System – Thought Bomb

From the start of the adventure, Lord Kaan is in a large room at the center of the cave system, a short walk from the mouth of the cave. He, with the other dark lords, spends the first few minutes of the hour summoning the bomb, with Kopecz breaking off at 0:10 as he realizes the insanity of the plan and cannot win his argument with Kaan. Githany and Darovit remain until 0:45 when the bomb begins to grow out of control and she loses faith in their ability to survive the blast, choosing instead to die in combat honorably at the cave’s entrance. There are two other un-named and totally loyal Sith Acolytes as well as four cultists that never leave Kaan’s side and always fight to the death when encountered.

If the PCs make it here, read the following:

As you wind through the cave system, you come upon a cavernous room. At its center sit a few black-robed figures, chanting around an enormous ball of pure, dark energy. One of the figures turns to face you, pure insanity in his voice as he screeches “Who goes there? You think you can interfere? Kill them!”. You recognize the voice… the man from the white space.

The PCs then immediately engage in combat with whoever is present, and recognize Lord Kaan as the man in their visions. Upon his defeat, see Diffusing the Thought Bomb. If engaged prior to 0:45, the bomb immediately begins to get out of control when Kaan takes his concentration off of it, and both Githany and Darovit realize their folly early. They assist the PCs against Kaan and encourage them to help them control the power after the battle if they survive. However, breaking Kaan’s concentration means the bomb is about to explode, and lasts only 5 minutes (5 rounds of combat) before doing so. Diffusing the bomb prior to 0:45 when it stabilizes is extremely difficult.

Diffusing the Thought Bomb

There are two things necessary to diffusing the bomb. First, Lord Kaan must be slain. Even though his soul has regained enough sanity to know the bomb was a bad idea, his current form is wild with dark side insanity and attacks anyone who might attempt to stop him.

Second, the PCs must diffuse the bomb. This will require a number of force points equal to 10 + (# Force Sensitive PCs * 2). If the PCs have convinced any other force users to assist them in the diffusing, they get a number of points from each force user equal to their force rating (3 for Lords, 2 for Knights/Acolytes), minus one from light side force users as they are less experienced with this particular power. Padawans and Cultists attempting to diffuse the bomb are quickly overwhelmed by its energy and pass out, contributing nothing. Force sensitive PCs then roll force dice equal to their force rating, and if they can push the total points of force power to the threshold or higher, they manage to gain control of the blackened ball of energy and diffuse it entirely. These rules should, except in extreme circumstances, force the PCs to utilize a combination of force users from both sides of the battle to bring about its epic conclusion.

Once the PCs manage to diffuse the bomb, read the following aloud:

The powerful ball of energy grows and recoils after the death of Lord Kaan, quickly getting out of control. Surrounding it with the power of many gathered force users, you push back. The energy seems to hiss and vibrate as the men and women around it attempt to gain control. With a final shockwave of force, the ball collapses in on itself, and sends everyone around it sprawling to the ground. As you look around you, some smile triumphantly. Others sigh in relief and lay their heads back on the hard stone. The respite lasts no longer than a breathe, however, as the ground beneath where the thought bomb had been created cracks and sends rock flying, huge crags opening around the cave and sucking people down into them. Rocks fall from the ceiling, battering yourselves and everyone else as the ground opens up, and swallows everyone. In death, again, everything is white.

Only this time, Lord Kaan does not appear. You awake back in The Beacon, Gorbo blaring through the comlink “What the hell happened guys? Did you make it inside?! You disappeared for a bit when you hit lightspeed, then the energy signal completely disappeared when you came back on sensors! It worked! I’m a genius! I’ll be to you shortly and we’ll see what we can find!”

After a few minutes, Gorbo arrives in the PCs ship, lamenting the damaged state of his ship but still ecstatic that they are going to be able to find what he came for.


The PCs are now free to explore the area they were just in, but over a millennia later. The area is completely overgrown by jungle, except a small patch big enough for the PCs ship and The Beacon. Extensive exploration yields many artifacts of the battle, including dozens of broken lightsabers and other small but useless remnants of the Sith and Jedi that get Gorbo very excited. If the PCs approach the mouth of the cave, any of them that are force sensitive feel an incredible amount of force energy. The mouth of the cave has collapsed, but an athletics check clears the wreckage, with any failure/threat causing strain to the PCs. After clearing the entrance, they can make their way to the site of the thought bomb, where the dark energy is strongest. Read the following:

An ominous presence fills the cave, but whatever remains had been here have long since decayed and vanished. After looking around for a few minutes, however, you stumble onto a perfectly preserved, shining black gauntlet with a yellow gem on the back of the palm…

There are two ways this might pan out.

Light Side Oriented Players

If a force sensitive user that isn’t pre-disposed to the dark side attempts to wield this gauntlet, they are assaulted by feelings of hatred and fear. If they do not give into these feelings, the gauntlet flies off of them, skittering against the stone. As this happens, a calming blue glow fills the room as the shimmering shade of Lord Hoth appears.

“You had the power to free me from that nightmare, and the power to resist the dark side. That is quite a feat, for someone so clearly untrained. I know not how long I have been trapped by Kaan, but I know that if someone like you is untrained, something horrible has happened to the Jedi.”

At this, the shade of Lord Kaan appears alongside his glove, cackling, arcs of force lightning coming from his fingers to envelope lord Hoth. “How did you survive, Hoth? Can you truly survive my power? Let us see!”

Hoth turns, arms extended towards Kaan, his eyes closed and calm, as if trying to will the shade away. “[PC Force User Name], calm yourself, and focus your energies on me. Together, we can drive Kaan to oblivion.”

If the PCs agree, have them roll a Discipline check against Kaan, downgrading his difficulty by 3 as he is a shadow of his former power. Also roll force die, adding force power as success. Failure simply causes the PC to take strain equal to failures, and in any case Kaan’s shade is obliterated, fading into nothing as the two of them concentrate calmly.

Kaan lets out one final scream as his shade slowly fades into oblivion, his sound evaporating as he does. Hoth smiles calmly, approaching [the PC], and bowing.

“Something terrible has happened to the Jedi. I would like to find out what, and restore order to the galaxy, as I can feel the force is not in balance. Seeing as I no longer possess a…physical form, I could use some assistance.” He casts his gaze down towards you, smiling. “Will you join me… apprentice?”

The force sensitives gain access to the Jedi Initiate specialization, as well as access to force powers Enhance and Heal. At force rating three they will gain Protect as well. Hoth will also help force users to construct a lightsaber now. A few of the hilts found in the battlefield that did not suffer too much punishment serve as parts enough. They require some simple tinkering as well as to have their force crystals replaced. All of the crystals in lightsabers on the battlefield have been ruined by age and the elements, so the PCs must find one elsewhere. The force users immediately gain lightsaber as a non-career brawn-based custom skill.

In addition to this reward for the force users, Lord Hoth also leads them to the ruins of the command ship, having them dig out the ruins until they reach a storage area, in which he leads them his personal locker. From it, he is surprised that you find the perfectly intact Crystal Ball of Mother Talzin, an artifact the Army had taken after an attack on the Nightsisters of Dathomir. It is a shockball sized crystal sphere that allows the user to see into the future. It grants a user who can sit still and concentrate on the ball without interruption the force power of Foresee, with half of its blocks filled in. This power may never be upgraded with XP.

Dark Side Oriented Players

A PC who gives in to the power of the gauntlet is shocked as the gauntlet sears itself onto their flesh, causing a bit of smoke to come from their arm as well as causing them to suffer 3 strain as the pain wracks their body. As they recover from the surprising event, a shimmering blue figure appears, his low laughter felt in the bellies of all those present. The PCs recognize the figure as Lord Kaan, though obviously quite dead.

“The power of the dark side. The heat of passion and emotion. I can feel it in you. Burning like your anger. It makes you strong. It allowed you to free me from the torment I’d locked myself in.”

As quickly as a smile crosses the shade’s facial features, he grimaces in agony, letting out a stifled scream as the shade of Lord Hoth appears with a burst of bright light, his hands outstretched towards Kaan, a scowl on his face. “How long did you trap those pour souls in oblivion, Kaan? You fool!” Kaan, his shade spinning to face Hoth, his arms outstretched, screams as lightning arcs in lines between them. “I’m the fool?! HA! I’ll live forever, Hoth, and you’ll join those sniveling Army of Light idiots in death! You!” his gaze snaps towards [insert force user here] “Tap into the power! Help me kill this scum once and for all!”

As his concentration briefly falls upon you, you feel the glove radiating power, almost feeling drunk on it. You feel as if you could kill someone by merely pointing at them…

If the PC gives in and gestures towards Hoth, they use the glove to cast Force Power Unleash, with the temporary assistance of Kaan.

Hoth lets out one final scream as a wave of pure, dark energy hurls from the glove towards him, casting his shade into oblivion. Kaan’s laughter once again fills the room. He approaches [the PC wearing his gauntlet], making a gesture with his fist and forcing them to kneel.

“You are strong, but your power is untrained. There is no way someone as strong in the force as you could have gone untrained unless the Sith have ceased to exist. This is an unfortunately setback.” he muses “I can show you the true power of the dark side. Submit to me and I will train you, show you how to rule with power. Together, we will find more like you and turn them to the dark side. We will rebuild the Brotherhood of Darkness, and defeat all who stand against us until the STRONG rule the galaxy! As it should be…”

He casts his gaze down towards you, smiling. “Do you submit to me… apprentice?”

Assuming you haven’t run this module with a PC who is hesitant about joining the dark side, they should accept. When they do, they are allowed to rise, and Kaan stays with them from now on. The force sensitives gain access to the Dark Acolyte specialization, and the one with the glove gains access to force powers Bind and Harm. At force rating three they will gain Unleash as well. The dark lord will also help force users to construct a lightsaber now. A few of the hilts found in the battlefield that did not suffer too much punishment serve as parts enough. They require some simple tinkering as well as to have their force crystals replaced. All of the crystals in lightsabers on the battlefield have been ruined by age and the elements, so the PCs must find one elsewhere. The force users immediately gain lightsaber as a non-career brawn-based custom skill.

In addition to this reward for the force users, Lord Kaan also leads them to the ruins of the command center, having them dig out the ruins until they reach a basement, in which he leads them to a sith holocron. See the character entry for the Ruusan Holocron for more information on how the PCs can utilize it. As a brief summary, it contains the following if the PCs ask the right questions:

  • Basic information on Sith Alchemy. Dark side force users gain a skill point in this intellect-based skill, though it can never be trained. There is only enough information in the holocron to get the single skill point, as well as some basic methods of enhancing gear with the dark art
  • Experimental plans and programming for a protocol droid. The Sith had intended to use it to exploit the financial systems of the world and continue to fund their efforts, had the war not ended there. The droid has the same characteristics as the Exchequer Droid from EtU 56, and can be constructed with 5,000 credits worth of parts and a hard mechanics check. Programming is already there and can simply be uploaded. The droid will be driven to make as much money for the Brotherhood as possible, and if they build it right away – they are all that is left.
  • The holocron contains enough galactic history and information on the weaknesses of various species as to make it capable of conferring a free skill point in both Knowledge (Lore) and Knowledge (Xenology). Droids may download all the data necessary immediately. Any organics wishing to get this bonus must sit through ten hours of lectures for each point. The limitations are one point in each.

Continuing the Campaign

With this setup, Lord Kaan or Hoth is now free to guide the PCs as he wishes, either weaving himself into their current situation or derailing them from it entirely. All PCs may add the motivation “Rebuild the Brotherhood” or “Annihilate the Sith” if they wish. Motivations continue to work like normal, but reward XP well if the PCs choose this one over all others in a situation.

The Lord might have many next steps for the group. Kaan might lead them on quests to recover more holocrons and consolidate the knowledge of the ancient sith, or he might lead them to groups of force sensitive exiles hiding from the empire and have the PCs attempt to turn them to the dark side. Hoth would do much the same, but for light side artifacts and to rebuild the army of light. Hoth would see himself as superior to the rebellion, and prefer to build his own army with the PCs to take on the emperor.

Eventually, the PCs could grow powerful enough to threaten the emperor himself, or attempt to fill the power vacuum that occurs after the destruction of the second death star. There are many options for rebuilding the army/brotherhood, pick something fun for your group and have them get going!


The idea for the adventure as a whole was inspired by Griffin McElroy’s ‘The Eleventh Hour’ chapter of his ‘The Adventure Zone’ podcast, without which this module would never have been created. Much of the content used in this adventure was inspired by or converted from The Dark Side Sourcebook (2001, d20 system). Finally, the skill trees as rewards come from GM Donovon Morningfire’s Ways of the Force supplement ( ).

Their Darkest Hour

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