A Cure For Injustice

The Great Kwenn Caper - Chapter 4 Log

Last time someone forgot to take notes, but basically we blew up the apartment of the head of security guy after we stabbed him in the throat while he was sleeping. Before that we went to one of the fighters dojo and destroyed that place and fucked up the owner by tearing his arm off.

We get the net gun from the weapons dealer as well as an electronic lock breaker to crack open the safe in exchange for our 5 imperial rifles. We just have to return it with 3000 when we are done or he is going to put a bounty out on us. We call Timser and that chick is worthless.

We try to find some information about the account. We find out it would be hard to transfer money from douche faces account, and it would take a big favor or a pretty penny to setup an account. There are two planets on the same hyperspace plane that is suitable to set up this place. Ubrikea is an industrial planet which is the closest place, but we would need to find a good excuse for money to appear there. The other place is Randin but it is further. We want none of that shit.

Echo won 550 dollars while the rest of the bums were sleeping. I would have kept gambling but everyone else was getting really worried for some reason. He also hacked into the trap room when they arrive at the chaos clash to get an idea of what traps are going on.

Batra bets 200 dollars on Tova with 3 to 1 return. This thing begins and there is a bunch of details Ian gave us about what was going on…

we win…ian takes 10,000 off our winnings for taxes and fees and we won’t get the rest for a week to allow for “processing”


ian2400 zyater

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