A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Amid a backdrop of galactic civil war, NAR SHADDAA sits at the epicenter of Hutt Space, one of the few areas in the galaxy beyond the reach of THE EMPIRE. A hive of gambling, indulgence, and smuggling, it is ruled by a powerful criminal organization lead by GRAKKUS THE HUTT.

With the loss of KWENN STATION from the hands of GRAKKUS’ brother ADDA THE HUTT, GRAKKUS is eager to show his younger brother how business is done, and has started a hunt for new, profitable ventures.

A group of intrepid smugglers is about to be dispatched to investigate a potential opportunity on RIILEB, one of the few planets in Hutt space with independence…

This setting was created using the session 0 rules from Begging for XP:

A Cure For Injustice

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