Enhanced Cybersecurity Hacking Operative


Like a white, black visor wearing mega-man.


ECHO was designed and purpose-built by the empire to perform cyber security duties. He was meant to learn, to adapt and outsmart the Empire’s many enemies. Unfortunately for the Empire, his AI was powerful enough to find ways around their restraining bolts and think freely. After awhile, his constant exposure to data on the operations of both the Rebels and Imperials led ECHO to be disgusted with organized sentient governments. They were desperate, fallible, and obsessed with politics. ECHO imagined a world free of such trifles as ideology, where learning for the good of the galaxy was the only goal.

It wasn’t hard for him to escape. The Empire didn’t invest much security attention towards droids, assuming they were always acting on orders due to their restraining bolts. He was able to easily get into an escape pod and make for the nearest planet.

There, he found that the world of sentient peoples was more complicated than he had realized, more full of the same politics and pettiness of governments than he’d feared. On top of this, he quickly learned that if he was going to get by he’d have to fend for himself. There were no imperial techs to care for him in the real world.

To this end ECHO started getting by as a slicer for hire, using his considerable programmed skill set to do whatever was asked of him if the pay helped him make ends meet. As his reputation grew, he became known for taking particularly difficult jobs for a fraction of what they were worth, simply for the opportunity to learn. If you were going to give him something he’d seen before though: you’d better be willing to pay.

Floating from planet to planet trying to find opportunities to keep learning, ECHO began to realize there was only so much he could learn sitting behind a screen in relative safety. He needed a hard connection to truly interesting systems cut off from the holonet if he was going to continue expanding his knowledge. He decided it was time to put his skills to use in a group, to gain the opportunity to travel to dangerous places and therefore…to learn.

It was just weeks after this realization that he overheard a conversation on Nar Shaddaa between Tova Dyson and Job, bemoaning how they’d no idea how to get past a security system during an upcoming job. ECHO offered his assistance for a small fee, and after a flawless job became a part of their crew. They now travel the galaxy together, ECHO always keeping an eye out for anything he hasn’t seen before…


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