Twi'lek, Ex Bounty Hunter




Job had been a bounty hunter his whole life, taking whatever bounties paid best and spending the money on whores, booze, and whatever other hedonistic pleasures took his fancy at the moment. Grakkus the Hutt of Nar Shaddaa was a particularly good client, always giving Job a discount if he spent the money on pleasures in the Hutt’s palace.

The party didn’t last forever, though. Job’s longtime friend Iyadecci got pregnant shortly after one of their trysts. She never told him, and abandoned the infant girl with his sister Kellaly. The child had been born with a rare disease that was, at present, incurable. Sick and abandoned by its mother, the child needed more help than his sister alone could provide.

Touched by the light of this new life and seeing the devastating effects that dispassionate hedonism can have when one cares little for those around them, Job developed a more nuanced ethical code. No longer would he live a life of constant debauchery and killing. Now, he would put his skills to use in other ways not just to provide for his sister and daughter but also to do everything possible to find a cure.

Job still does most of his work based out of Nar Shaddaa, though considerably lower on the totem poll and less interesting to Grakkus with his new found ‘ethics’. He assembled a crew and now does smuggling jobs, sending much of his money on medicine to send home.

Recently, Job connected with “Doctor Z” in the back-alleys of Nar Shaddaa, a doctor who says he specializes in ‘unique’ medicines of all sorts. When Job told him of his daughter, he insisted he could help if only Job were to give him a vial of her blood to work with. Job asked his sister with little hesitation, having turned up nothing in the way of a real cure since he started looking. Desperate, Job hoped the doctor would have news for him soon.


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