Batra Dryston





Children of the Dryston Clan, Batra and his brother Radko grew up together in the tunnels beneath Selonia that constituted their den. Like most Selonians, there they stayed, content to simply support the clan. Batra was the hell-raiser, always getting into trouble while Radko sat back, trying to gain favor with the clan leaders but more often than not failing short compared to Batra’s natural charm and good looks.

Several months ago, the Empire deduced that the Dryston clan was sitting on a gemstone cache that was very valuable to them. Of course when it comes to the Empire, there is no saying “no”, there is simply how to say “yes”. Radko knew this and did not hesitate to put himself in a position of favor with the Empire, becoming a patsy for them with little regard to the rest of the colony, and happy to pocket the profits. He founded SMUG, the Selonians for the Mining of Unregulated Gemstones, to convince his clan that the best path forward for them was to take the Imperial’s money for the gems they weren’t using anyway.

Things moved quickly for the Dryston’s, and soon enough the Empire had established an official presence near their clan, with Radko as the local mayor. Batra didn’t share his brother’s vision, and like most traditional Selonians he expected his clan to remain independent and isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

Batra spent weeks planning and plotting at The Anvil with Ice, trying to find any way he could to interfere with the Imperials and make business on Selonia unpalatable to them. Hacking into databases, planting IEDs along the roadside to hit patrols, anything they could manage.

Having gone awhile without being caught, boldness sunk in. Batra decided to sneak into his brother’s quarters on the Imperial top-side base, and found all the information on how much money his brother was skimming off the top of what the Empire was paying the clan. Radko caught him in the act before he could get any of this information onto a datapad, and attempted to kill Batra. Able to escape his brother’s immediate wrath, Batra made the quickest escape he could, knowing his word against his brother’s wouldn’t go very well for him in an Imperial court.

Batra was fair enough at most anything, and hopped from odd job to odd job just to survive before hooking up with Job and crew on Nar Shaddaa. He never stopped thinking about his brother’s betrayal, or how much he wanted the empire off of Selonia though….never.

Batra Dryston

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