Tova Dyson

Human, always carried a big gun


Growing up on Coruscant, the son of a high-ranking Imperial official, Tova lived a life of luxury as a child. As he and his brothers grew they followed in their father’s footsteps, becoming some of the best storm troopers in the Empire.

Tova never minded the horrors he and his brothers were asked to inflict upon the galaxy. To him, that was what he needed to do to continue his life of luxury, and so he did. Unfortunately for him, his brothers developed more of a conscience. With the horrors that they were inflicting upon non-humans growing heavy on their hearts, their parents were targeted and killed by Wookies rising up against their slave masters in an Imperial Naval yard. Realizing that they and their family deserved such hatred, they vowed to do something to fix it.

Unable to convince his brothers not to join the rebellion, Tova knew his easy life alongside the Imperials would soon be over. Not wishing to risk his life for a cause and not wanting to stick around to answer difficult Imperial questioning, Tova fled to the outer rim to work as a mercenary, hoping there would be pay for those with skills willing to not ask questions.

This life led him to Nar Shaddaa, doing odd jobs for whoever was paying, after hooking up with Job and his crew. They had a ship, and weren’t completely incompetent. Besides, storm troopers don’t do well working alone.

Tova Dyson

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