A Cure For Injustice

The Great Kwenn Caper - Chapter 4 Log

Last time someone forgot to take notes, but basically we blew up the apartment of the head of security guy after we stabbed him in the throat while he was sleeping. Before that we went to one of the fighters dojo and destroyed that place and fucked up the owner by tearing his arm off.

We get the net gun from the weapons dealer as well as an electronic lock breaker to crack open the safe in exchange for our 5 imperial rifles. We just have to return it with 3000 when we are done or he is going to put a bounty out on us. We call Timser and that chick is worthless.

We try to find some information about the account. We find out it would be hard to transfer money from douche faces account, and it would take a big favor or a pretty penny to setup an account. There are two planets on the same hyperspace plane that is suitable to set up this place. Ubrikea is an industrial planet which is the closest place, but we would need to find a good excuse for money to appear there. The other place is Randin but it is further. We want none of that shit.

Echo won 550 dollars while the rest of the bums were sleeping. I would have kept gambling but everyone else was getting really worried for some reason. He also hacked into the trap room when they arrive at the chaos clash to get an idea of what traps are going on.

Batra bets 200 dollars on Tova with 3 to 1 return. This thing begins and there is a bunch of details Ian gave us about what was going on…

we win…ian takes 10,000 off our winnings for taxes and fees and we won’t get the rest for a week to allow for “processing”

The Great Kwenn Caper - Chapter 3 Log

We send the droid in the front with Tova on watch at the front while the rest of us break in around the back. We didn’t get the droid enough instructions so he blew up our plan by telling the guards we were coming in the back. Batrya slips Echo in his backpack to sneak in and get into an office with a machine. Echo is a fucking badass so we got a full sample of the encryption.

We head to the 4 and a half to grab some drinks with the guards. Tova buys a round and we try to find out some information. They think it alright working there but we suck at asking questions. We find out the regular security guards aren’t even used, they are Marus Grayson’s men used for the event. We bought some nice top shelf stuff. We find out there is a safe that Marus Grayson.

Ky Triblen is part OREMC which is backed by companies from the core world hoping to find mineral wealth in the outer rim. He is interested. Ponderosa just wants to spend money around town, and that kathlo the hutt is looking into her and suspects she came from Narshada. Ket Beji is the president and cco of a star wars porn industry. We discover that KB films isn’t successful, but appears to be a front.

We determined that everywhere has a camera and were able to pick our mic up. i decided to drink canadian club instead of take notes.

stuff happens at the weapons place, but none of it was that great and ian was a douche about the amount wew would have to pay for his help.

This is what we get from the recorder:
We hear about some wierd dude black son head of security guy that never sleeps with cybernetic implants. We hear people talk about Leptoneck (aka the duke) saying he is acting strangely. vorce tabaritnth (tinsers boss person in the real world) is frequently drunk and his men are becoming disloyal and some of them would be willing to turn on him. They mention having to go back to loading dock 121A. We also hear someone talking about ket beji telling some crazy stories. There is a local ORMEC office in the better districs.

we go to talk to shreya and we are so successful she has sex with job on table and something actually related to the RPG about 3 boost in future stuff

we go see what is in the locker if we decide to go to the chaos clash. The items include:
stun baton, backhand shock gloves, nueronic whip (ensnare), riot shield

we go see if any other contestants for this clash thing ian spent a lot of time creating are hanging around.

i went the bathroom and when I came back tova stabbed a bartender in the eyehole. He is some old dude who trained most of the fighters around. We crit him and he is upset and now eyeless. The bar stands up around us so we take him hostage and try to leave the bar. They let us out but 2 follow. JK Ian lied and there are 5 that follow us out. We try to coerce them, but it fails and tova gets bit in the hand.

Tova lit the main guys face on fire with a crit and also lit one of the thugs on fire. Batrya tries to use the force and fails. The glop grenade hits and suffocates the human. We get the old guy in the bar back to the ship and patch him up, get him a drink, and question him for intel. He rubs the eysocket where his eye used to be and asks for another drink. There are really only 3 people really capable of winning the clash. 2 of them were ones who tried to come to his rescue. Tarin Razor has lost the clash several years in a row but is underrated (we did blast him with the flamethrower and is suffocating in concrete right now). One we didn’t see is yeck list who is a lizard guy who is sponsored by the hutts and he thinks that he fights dirty. He was in the bar and we get coordinates to his dojo. The last guy is the guy whose face lit on fire. Apparently he is a pretty boy and we think he should be dead. He is sponsored by several coorperations. He also says anything non lethal is allowed, and he tells us about the traps. The cage surrounding the arena is electricuted, there are spinning spots in the floor as well as pistons that shoot up and parts of the floor that tilt up. There are ram rods that smash the feet of contenders, kill saws are circular blades that come out of the floor. and screws in the outside of the ring. It’s battlebots merged with wwe. Each contestant also has a coach that can pull them out at any point.

…Then we kill him.


After learning little from scouting out the casino we head to Kwenn Central in an effort to find the old headquarters of Incom corp. We have intelligence that tells us the now defunct Incom Corp. will have had detailed plans of the casino.

Job chats up a bystander in Kwenn Central and pays thirty credits to be lead to the Incom office. There are about fifty Ugnaughts who are now operating out of the old facility. E.C.H.O. appraises the Ugnaughts and recalls that they words “yeah” or “yeah yeah” are very offensive.

“Who’s in charge around here?” Job says to a random Ugnaught. We quickly enter the leader’s office and offer Za 100 credits for access to the casino plans. Za counters asking for 750 credits. Job offers the attachment Batra had stolen from the market.

The plans indicate that there is a tunnel leading out of the casino whose primary purpose seems to be garbage removal. We ask the Ugnaughts how we can access the maintenance tunnels. They show us how we can access the maintenance tunnels from Kwenn Central. We find an Ugnaught who agrees to help provide a distraction the night of the heist.

Based on a reference from Tova’s brothers we meet up with a weapons dealer looking for an ion blaster.

We meet with Shreya Ordassa and learn that she believe Lockwood is only involved to negatively affect her. She doesn’t know what the plans are for. She was sent there by her company. We agree to rough up Lookwood and tell her what the plans are all about. In exchange she will provide CODA information for Job.

We went to the hotel and took out three bell hops basically before we even arrived will how badass we are. We cruise past the front door up to the penthouse suite. We see a nice common area that looks out over the city. We realize there is a camera behind us and one security droid, so we pull out the ion blasters to take out the camera and droid. We are able to put the camera on a loop and no one noticed, and we are now making our way into the suite. Echo is putting a restraining bolt on the security droid as we tumble into the room with Lockwood. We threaten him for information and an invitation to the gala while showing him a token we kept from his ship that we took. He tells us we can have 2 invitations and he cried his eyes out over the comlink helping our relationship with Shreya. We have the droid power off and take him with us leaving the naked bell hops behind.

We get a message from Timmser, and loop her into the happenings. She says she can help us with the encryption, but it would make us wait until morning so we tell her we have our own way. We want her to help us with the contacts in the morning.

We make our way to the government building planning to send the security droid in as a distraction….

The Great Kwenn Caper - Ch 1 Log

After we spent a month setting up relations after our last adventure, we are summoned by Grakkus the Hutt. He is pleased with the crystals we found, but don’t know how to use them. The black sun is auctioning off the plans , and he wants us to steal them before the sale. In exchange for favorable pricing and access to the plans, we will get help getting into the station. We can see Badrile if we need more information. She says if we get back with the plans we will get 50,000 credits as long as it doesn’t lead back to Grakkus. The Duke will be our primary contact. The Duke was known to be unhinged, but Grakkus wouldn’t mind an audience with the Duke. Our rebel contact is in the main section of the palace drinking. Old republic droids were known to have been there, but it is unknown if they are still there.

On our way out The Dyson Brothers run into Tova Dyson and he takes a swing at them with his brass knuckles. He misses the hit, but knocks the drink out of one of their hands. Turns out these punks are the ones helping us get on Kwenn Station. We will be posing as smugglers taking a lot of spice with us. They will be acting as smugglers as we conduct our business. They give us identification, but are told to use them sparingly because they wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. Before we head out we send Dr. Z a message telling him where we are going.

Batra Dryston plays the brothers in poker on the way and loses 50 credits. We ask them about issues they had there, but they just know what we know. An enourmal space shell. We decide to park at the Mirrsteel Heights, which is the more upscale location. As we dock, we get a message from Doctor Z about something called CODA412A which can help the cure. We also hide the blasters. Our meetup with Tinser is right now in the market.

We meet Tinser. She tells us to meet somewhere else because of some of the people there. There are several people with dark coats and sunglasses she wanted to avoid who watch her as she leaves. In between them I shine my fusion lanter toward them. I miss but get them slightly distracted. Tova Dyson bumps into them acting drunk, but misses and just fall on the ground. Batra Dryston is able to get to an alley and sets a charge. There is complete chaos in the market which conveniently gives Batra Dryston to steal a part of a weapon shop. She tries to get away, but there was a despair so something bad is going to happen that we don’t know about yet. With the chaos we are able to get away. She works for a petty crime lord and has fallen out of graces. Everyone thinks the Duke is dead, but she knows better and is able to take us to a penthouse that looks like it is a model house. This guy doesn’t look like what we think of the Duke. He lays out the plan to infiltrate the auction and jack the price up afterwhich we send the money to our account and then steal the stuff for ourselves. He can offer us a getaway car and an account to siphon the money through. He has a list of the buyers which he provides for us. The auction is 3 days after the chaos clash which is an event. The winning pearse of the chaos clash gets you and invite to the Gala and $30,000. He also gives us a locker with contents we can borrow (stressing borrow) for the chaos clash. He then leaves saying he has business to attend to. We ask Tinser about the chaos clash. A lot of the fighters hang out at a certain bar, and we need to worry about the traps. Maris Grayson is the one who brought the plans to be sold. He is an authoritative brute, and his crew is probably only as loyal as they are paid to be .

It would be helpful if we could build a computer spike and kill the cameras during the heist and also get an encryption sample. We should examine the security guard details as well. The chaos clash is known for its brutality. There are few roles enforced. It would be good to get the schematics from Kween station to learn about entrances and exits from the casino. Most of Kwenn Central is a good place to find scoundrels we could hire for a fee. We have 3 days before teh chaos clash.

We head to the casion to case the joint. We are able to sneak our surveillance droid into the coat check, and get free drinks We learn that incom corp. is where we can get details on the schematics. Since our rolling sucks, we drink our sorrows away. Set microphone. Setup meeting with Shreya Ordassa around 5pm. We two cameras in the casion floor, we saw one camera in the bar. We do see a security guard as we wander past the cafe and don’t see any security cameras. Using the force Batra Dryston is able to get back into the guards room

A lot of tourists go to the pair o’ dice casino (very punny…), but the locas go to the 4.5 cantina. We grab the jacket and peace out

Murder in Paradise - Ch 4 Log
Chapter 4

The sun is getting low in the sky as the hunter leads us back to the hanger. We sell the land speeder to the hunter for $1000 and get him to leave us alone. We then go back to the Lockwood Holding ship and put it together and take it to enlightenment. Tova is upset to the point that if Natalya was here she would be telling us to be quiet. Enlightenment gives E.C.H.O. knowledge and is speechless with excitement. He gives us holonet information to be able to contact them in the future, but they will be here constructing for a couple months. Once we get back to the hangar we stay the night.

On our way to the game preserve we see a lot of guest ships leaving. We are able to make it back to the Weekway and give him the hyperdrive. When he goes to get the ring, we see him get the ring off one of the many fingers he has in a refrigerator chamber. We all piece out as soon as we can, except Job who questions him about the fingers. Apparently, he has the fingers to “settle the darkness”. We make our way back to the resort and the guards appear to be out in full force with guns this time.

As we take the ring to Momba Ginn , we hear whispers of a riot that happened. We tell her everything we know. We tell her for our side, that we want exclusive trade rights from the Hutts. As she leaves she shows the ring prominently and nods to a guard and there are clearly guards on her side as several other guards.

We go to try to get some Nexu cubs. He doesn’t want to sell, but we find out the incubation is 6-8 month having 3 kids if they all have childbirth. We can buy a grown female for 2500 but pass real hard on that. We realized that Doja Ginn hired The Collector wanting him to kill, but wasn’t aware that we would steal all of the ring fingers and therefore take the ring with it.

All of the critical injuries get healed in the ship. As we are sleeping we hear a growl and notice the Nexu is out of its cage….perfect…

Batra Dryston uses the force to subdue him, and we are able to get him into a net. As we are trying to stun the Nexu, Captain Drell pops out of a dark corner. Captain Drell believes his blaster is broken thanks to the force as well. Unfortunately Batra Dryston died during battle. Echo investigated the communication device, and it appears to work like snapchat. We use it to tell Dr. Z we have arrived with a Nexu and he excitedly comes to us. He uses a tranquilizer to put it down and has his goons load it up. He lets us know to go to his shop in a couple days. We purchase some stem packs at a convenience store and head to Badrile. She greets us as the door after the guard tries to give us shit.

She takes us to Grakkus the Hutt to deliver our news. We tell them about the mineral we found as well as the delicacy and about how we have exclusive rights. He nods and whispers with Badrile and tells us that he is happy. He asks us to stick around for the few days. We get the $4750 and are told we will get more for a finders fee. We then head for a pint at the Oyray. We see a couple selonians go out the back that we don’t recognize. Batra Dryston chases after them and sees them go into a Holo net cafe. He is able to see them talking to Radko Dryston over the internet.

Tova is getting drunk and takes some strain. We then head back to the place Grakkus set up for us to get some sleep. We are given 6000 credits and head to Dr. Z’s place. We see him making the Nexu angry and then draw blood from it.

We then head to the White Rabbit, but run into haggling merchants and shoppers. There is a big lizard looking guy hassling Iyadecci, and 4 goons start firing from the crowd. Iyadecci and her crew of 4 start to take on him and his crew of 4. With help from the crowd, we take out the goons and the lizard guy leaves Iyadecci baddly wounded.

We find out she had a job to steal 200 blasters for Thamos, but she only had 55. She wanted full payment for the ones she had and an advancement on the ones she needs to get. She now needs to find a new job, and she gives us 5 blasters and a sloppy kiss to Job. Job tries to turn this into a soap opera, and no one is enjoying themselves. At least we have hopslam from Bell’s right now. Job needs sex real bad. When we go to get the guns we see one of her crew upset about things not going well.

Murder in Paradise - Ch 3 Log
Chapter 3

Echo is feeling the hack to his system and his skills are momentarily hurt because of that.

As we take our Nexu back that we killed, we overhear the guards talking about something that happened in Shantytown last week. They tell us that a bunch of bodies were found hanging from streetlights with their fingers cut off. Shantytown is in an uproar, and the guests are going to be put into lock down because they are afraid of riots. They let us know that Doja doesn’t really have answers, so she is going to pin it on Uttar and his gang if nobody figures anything out soon. At this point there is too much concern about guests, so no guards are in Shantytown. They say the most resourceful person we can talk to there is a hunter named Jack just outside of Shantytown, and to let the hunter we know Jeb. While we finish loading up our Nexu, Shorwar mentions someone stabbed a Nexu a few days ago. They found it in the preserve in the tall grass. As Batra Dryston and E.C.H.O. take the captured Nexu back to the ship, Job and Tova Dyson head towards the stabbed Nexu. They confirm the wounds were from the vibroknife with bloody footprints leading towards the woods. We convince Shorwar to give us a swoop to follow the trail, but they get lost and run into some Skeckfish. Tova Dyson lights them up with his flamethrow in typical Tova Dyson fashion. They meet back up at the ship and we head to the static mountains to find what is drawing in E.C.H.O..

After a half hour E.C.H.O. picks up the signal from a location at the back of the static mountains. There is a cave that our ship can fit in. We see a rough landing pad and land. Around us is a bunch of droids witha cobbled together communications array made from a bunch of parts and a shell of a ship. There is an assassin droid and some security droids approaching the ship. The assassin droid is greats me by welcoming me to the family. Studded into the walls are some gemstones. E.C.H.O. leaves with them alone in the back area, where there is a black 3P0 imperial droid who welcomes me asking if I have came to help. E.C.H.O. agrees to help and installs software to releive the knowledge issue. They need help finishing their ship. They have gathered some parts from a combat craft that crashed nearby. I agree to have them upload them the parts list and we head back.

Everything is on lockdown so we find a fancy ship that says “Lockwood Holdings” on the side of it that we break in to look for components . We know Lockwood is a well known name on Coorisont, and the head of the company died a few months ago and they are known for doing business with the empire. We fill a backpack with parts and head towards Shantytown to find Hunter Jack.

We convince Hunter Jack to join us for 200 up front and 800 later and he travels with us to the corpse. He takes us through the grassy section and get to the woods. We find an entrance to a cave and a way to clmb up to it. Once we make it up we see the same ship that Boba Fett had. We see two droids and one of them is behind a turret while the other has a blaster. We attempt to talk to the droid and they send of an alarm/alert that there are intruders. We are able to take out the droids and the turret, but Tova Dyson takes a big hit, and then takes a critical hit from the Weequay to knock him down and temporarily out of battle.

Once we get him down he lets us know that he was stiffed on the job and he wants to know who we are. He offers to give us the ring and 1000 if we can get him the parts.

Murder in Paradise - Ch 2 Log
Chapter 2

Batra Dryston and Job arrived at the game preserve, but were told they weren’t allowed in by the guards without the proper codes or Sharwar’s permission. Unforutnately we were idiots who assumed Sharwar was there, but it turns out he is at the residences. They head that way after getting information on his room and its location.

As the sun is setting, E.C.H.O. and Tova Dyson arrive at the bar in Shantytown. We hear that several of the farmers have been complaining and are given directions, but head to the bar for some information and some food. We ask around about the death nearby. The bartender doesn’t know anything about the murder, but found it strange that a weequay (strong warrior race) was seen entering a nearby holo cafe the night of the murder and no one has seen them since. We also aggravated a nearby table somehow. We mention that we ran into Uttar and he told us we could head to the bar. The nearby table now changes their tone and invites us to sit with them after we tell them about our encounter. We buy them drinks to attempt to get over whtever aggrevation we caused, and ask them about Momba Ginn. They don’t know many details, but they think the bloodtest was faked so that it appeared as though she was from Shantytown. They give us directions on talking to her alleged mother. They also heard that a druggie mentioned a ghost having to do with the murder here. We ask about the ring finger being cut off. They seem excited whispering to eachother, and ask if we know if the clan ring was found. They seem excited, but have no idea about why the ring fingers would have been cut off. We also ask about Sharwar, and they ask if that is the idiot Wookie who runs the game preserve. They seem upset that he brought the Nexus to the planet. They look uncomfortable when we ask about acquiring a vibro knife, but let us know where we can find them.

We head over to the shop to check out the shop where the murder happened. This body looks the same way, and the show is in disarray. We do find an inventory list of the shop in a desk drawer. We take inventory of the store, and find that the only things missing from the store, are several parts that would be used for a hyperdrive and some major communication equipment. The guards seem confident that the customer who found the body didn’t know anything else. We leave there and make our way to the holo net.

Meanwhile Job and Batra Dryston get to the resort and talk their way into the buffet and get some substanance. Since they found out they will be talking to a Wookie, they try to find a translator. No one on the staff speaks Wookie, but says there might be some guests or military around that could help. We decide to attempt to use the comlink and have E.C.H.O. translate. We ask him about ghosts that have been rumored. He mentions that the only way anyone can enter the game preserve is by getting over the fences or by getting a code. Codes are only given out by him, and only a few have them. We ask him about the Nexu, and he mentions that they have had an alpha problem with the Nexu and they have had issues containing them. He doesn’t seem to care about the murders, as he didnt appear to even know anyone died. It is clear he only cares about getting paid. He doesn’t like that some hunters have been able to get in. As they leave they hear that guests are protesting in the shopping center.

Night is beginning to set as Tova Dyson and E.C.H.O. roll into the holo cafe. E.C.H.O. hacks the security system and is able to see the security footage. We also saw that the guy saw that his bank account was empty and stormed out. The timestamp shows this occuring after ’s death and before the murder at the barraks.

Back at the resort Batra Dryston and Job approach the shopping center. They notice most of the lights in the administrative building are going out. They approacht he guards and they tell us that people found out about the murders and are outraged against the Ginn clan. They scope out the administrative building and find a way in. Batra Dryston finds a way in, but a guard is there. He shoots him with an amnesia dart, but the guard is able to turn around and see him. Batra Dryston
drags him out so Job can keep an eye on him. After rooting through the desk, he finds nothing. The computer is there though, so he steals the hard rive out of it. They decide to hide out in the nearby dumster to wait for reinforcements.

While that crazy shit was going down, E.C.H.O. and Tova Dyson visit Momba Ginn‘s supposed mom and we don’t get anything out of her, but know she is lying. We make our way back to save they day after the dumb decision.

Now we are all together and E.C.H.O. tries to copy the drive. We leave some tampering evidence on the drive, but we find evidence of a bounty posting coming from this machine for the death of Rete Ginn. We then kill the body to make it look like the other deaths, and cut his finger off post mortem. Batra Dryston eats his finger and we smash the hard drive to remove all evidence.

As morning arrives E.C.H.O. gets visions of a black droid and feels urges to go to the other side of the static mountains, but is unsure why. We head to the Game Preserve to meet up with Sharwar. He is there upon arrival, and he takes us back to the garage. When it opens, we see a line of cycles lining the back wall along with land speeders and other vehicles. He says he will take us on what would be a normal guest expedition, only much more dangerous and unpredictable. He gives us backpacks to wear that will surround us in a safe bubble in case of emergency. We have a Nerf heard that we use as bait that we will leave out. Two of us use the cycles with essentially cattle prods on the front (Batra Dryston and Job), and one of us driving a landspeeder (E.C.H.O.) with a sniper on the back (Tova Dyson). The nerfs are let free, and a dark black Nexu jumps out and is playing with the Nerf heard. Batra Dryston is able to hone the main Nexu and prevent him from advancing north. After moving in closer, Tova Dyson gets a major hit with the sniper. After another round chasing it aorund we take it down, but unfortunately have to deal with a normal Nexu that appears. We are able to kill the Nexu.

As we take the Main Nexu back to the ship, E.C.H.O.’s urges to get knowledge from this planet grow stronger.

Murder In Paradise - Ch 1 log
Chapter 1

We return home having successfully proven ourselves to Rahab. Our ship has been repaired from all damage, and we are well rested. We go to the white rabbit to pick up some new gear to prepare us better for battle. E.C.H.O. picks up a blaster to fix the issue of him being completely useless for combat. Job turns in his shock gloves and picked up some glop grenandes and a blaster pistol as well. Tova Dyson does the expected by purchasing a grenade launcher, and Batra Dryston picked up a dart gun.

We then head to see Grakkus the Hutt, and are told by guards on the front to enter from the back where “the help” enter. Batra Dryston stands up for the group, not wanting to be seen as weak. Unable to convince them to let us in the front, we approach the rear entrance. A guard there is awaiting us and escorts us to an office with the second command, Badrile. We are told smuggling jobs are thin, but she has an idea with Job’s past experience. She explains that there has been a distress call from the planet Riileb from Doja Ginn. We are offered to help them with the problems there and return. The base pay is $4000 with the possibility of more depending on how things go. Job uses his negotiation skills along with the knowledge of his skills to upgrade the pay to $4750. The only thing we remember of the planet is an advertisement about a hunting/safari adventure at the resort. Batra Dryston learns that Becket Kincaid is a good connection for the black market goods. Proceeding now through the front door, we “walk out with our cocks” out sticking it to the guards.

Before departing to Riileb, we swing by the Oyray. We run into Becket Kincaid and he lets us know that Wing Nexus left the planet and offers knowledge of their whereabouts in exchange for some cash. We tell him we aren’t concerned about them, but offer our services. He tells us there are rare cubs at the resort that he would pay $1000 a piece for. We let him know we will keep it in mind. Connor Triblen is at the bar so we ask about how things are going and if he knows anything about Riileb, and he can’t even pronounce it. We head back to the ship and find it repaired and ready to go.

We make great time arriving a couple hours ahead of time. As we arrive over the planet, Doctor Z communicates with us. He has found something that we can pickup in Riileb. There are big cats called Nexu, which have adrenal glands that could help . Bring me back a live one for me to analyze. The bigger, the better.

As he signs off, the guards come on and we hear them muttering swear words about the huts after hearing we are responding to their distress signal. We see a few islands and mostly water as we fly around, and find the one island which is clearly our destination. We see a crappy town in the distance and several yachts and signs referencing a resort. We are told it is a bit of a drive to meet with Doja Ginn and notice most of the soldiers are very suspicious of us.

We are esocorted by guard vehicles in front and back. The landscape is green and lush, clearly no expense spared. As the guard leading us goes on and on with how great everything is, Job strokes his ego. He introduces himself as Captain Drell, explaining to us that Rete Ginn is the true leader and has been in charge for 10 years. He tells us about Rete’s older “sister” (at which point he spits and calls her a cunt), who was in charge. Once Rete took over things took an up tick and that is when things progressed around here. We ask him about the Nexu, and he knows the Game Preserve is a big attraction. For more info we should contact Cpt. Shorwar for more info, although he isn’t the nicest. We approach what seems like a town center with shopping, medicine, and administrative offices. As we pull in, we see wanted posters wanting information on the murder of Rete Ginn. We attempt to ask Drell about it, but he tells us to ask Doja Ginn.

The office has a mounted Nexu head on the wall and a beautiful view of the ocean. Doja Ginn releases Drell, and sighs as she has us follow her. We see a sign for a “Clan Mother” and mentions she hs a problem she can’t handle. Inside is a nicer office with a dead body. She wants us to find the killer and make them pay for the murder of her sister. She says even more important than her sister being dead, the clan ring from her finger is missing. She offers $6000 to find the murderer and return the ring to her.

We notice all of the stab wounds are in her back and can tell she was stabed from a vibro knife. We then approach the computer, the guards confront us and they keep us from the compuuter. Before leaving we notice the ring finger was cut off after she was already dead. She gives us a security pass to get anywhere we need to, and E.C.H.O. hold onto it. She also tells us that there is a maintenance crewman who swears he saw a ghost heading through the Game Preserve on the night of the murder. She doesn’t take this very seriuosly and mutters that he is a drunk. One of her soldiers was killed in the barracks the night after the murder in his bunk and we should talk to Drell for details. She starts to look annoyed, and tells us a shop owner in Shantytown was killed and it became known to the people that the shop owner wasn’t the first murder. She doesn’t know of any connections between the three deaths. Her primary suspect is the leader of the most vocal opposition to Ginn rule, Uttar, and he is detained at the barracks as well. She says she has taken great care in taking care of the military to avoid issues like this. Murder isn’t very common. there has been an occasional death of locals. Her only concern is to why somone in Shantytown would have died if it was one of the opposition. We ask about Momba, and she says she gave the bitch a job out of pity and we should report anything having to do with her immediately.

Armed with our security pass and a vehicle, we head to the barracks where we meet up with Drell. We ask him to show us the dead guard. According to Drell, the soldier had no enemies and was well liked. We ask about his bunkmate who is behind us, but offers no information. We notice that there doesn’t appear to have been a struggle, but his left ring finger is missing. Scene of crime looks similar with similar knife wounds and a ring finger cut off after death. Drell and bunkmate had no knowledge of the diseased wearing jewelry on his hand. Drell says none of his guards have vibro knives, as they would scare the guests. We find out he was a leutinant due to turning in people in opposition to the Rete and had been around about a year and may have had family in shantytown.

We then go talk to Uttar, and confront him about the death. He is insistent that he has not done it, and was busy organizing protests. He shares with us that he is upset about the disperity in wealth. He claims taking out Rete was never part of the plan. They were upset about Momba being removed from power because she was apparently not blood. He has no knowledge of a dead shop owner, but was confused about why. He doesn’t know anyone who owns a vibro knife. He does’t know who might owna vibro knife, but sadly admits there are people there that may have access to them. He know it looks bad, but reiterates that he had nothing to do with it. Unable to tell if he is lying, Tova Dyson pulls a vibro knife which leads to Uttar pleading to work with him and look into the faked Momba Ginn blood test. We let him know the ring is missing, and he wants us to get the ring for Momba Ginn. He tells us Momba Ginn has been working from the inside with them, and to tell her that we have talked to him.

We then go visit Momba Ginn and we talk to her about the ring missing. She wants us to bring the ring to her, but we rub her the wrong way. Aggressivly confronting her, she claims to have nothing to do with any of the deaths or stealing the ring. She knows her sister would put her in prison and seems not to care about our threats. Basically ,we didnt get jack shit out of her.

We then head to maintenence bay to talk to the worker who saw a ghost. When there, we find a deed to a land speeder in the glove box…so we have another ride. Batra Dryston wonders if she is sexually attractive to the Nexu….

Batra Dryston and Job go talk to the maintenance worker while E.C.H.O. and Tova Dyson take the new ride to Shantytown.

They approach the maintenence workers saying they were from hut space and now working for Momba Ginn. They hate the Hutt’s, but are clearly on Momba Ginn‘s side. They think Uttar is being used as a scapegoat. We don’t get much intel from the maintenance worker, and it is clear why Doja Ginn didnt’ trust him. Not getting much info, they head out towards the Game Perserve.


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